Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ucas Application

This time last year, I had only just sent my UCAS application off. I wish i would have sent it off earlier but that doesn't matter as i'm now at my first University choice. I remember it taking ages for me to write a personal statement and the long wait over Christmas to receive offers was not pleasant. It seemed like i was the only one not receiving offers, after seeing pictures of other peoples offers all over social media sites. Don't worry about that, different universities look at applications at different times, there's nothing to worry about.

After sending my application off i thought it'd be a good idea to check my top two University choices out again. I could only get to one of two applicant days; fortunately that turned out to be my first choice University. I would definitely try to get a top 3 University choices whilst the Universities are considering your application. I was fortunate enough to not receive any Interviews for any of my choices, but know of people who did. I would recommend you get prepared for the Interview at least 2 weeks in advance; know where your going, what your taking etc.

The relief of receiving offers after the unpleasant wait is amazing, not as amazing as finally getting an Unconditional for the University, but still it's good. The hardest part for me was deciding which University to put as my Insurance, as i felt that i couldn't go anywhere else other than my firm choice because of how much i liked it. I decided that Sunderland was my Firm and Chester would be my insurance as it had a lower entry criteria. I was lucky enough to receive an Unconditional from Sunderland in July and am now enjoying my first year so far.

UCAS applications can be scary things at first. I found the application process to be very boring. I would have preferred to have sent a video in for my application, being a Broadcast Journalist student. But overall the process of applying for UCAS is worth it in the end!.

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