Monday, 30 March 2015

House Hunting: 2nd Year House

*throwback to November 2014*  Yes it was that early when me and my friends started house hunting As there was 8 of us we wanted one of the only nice 8 bedroomed houses in Sunderland. I took charge and started to ring a few landlords of the houses we liked the look of online. We visited 2 different houses in one day with 2 different landlords.  After falling in love with the first house and the landlord (he's really nice) we had big expectations for the 2nd house. With the 2nd house not being anywhere as nice as the first one, it was an easy decision on what house we wanted.

8 Bedroomed House for 2nd Year.
Next came the decision of who was living with us, this is important as you get to decide who you want to live with for the next 2 years of your University life. Long story short, there was arguments but we came to a decision of who was finally going to be living in the house. There was also more arguments on who'd get what room. After all of this we rang the landlord and explained that only half of us could afford the admin fee ( I know from experience that different landlords do different things, for example; some landlords ask for a deposit and first months rent first). Our Landlord being really understanding let half of us pay the admin fee and the other half pay when we received our Student Loans after christmas.

House Hunting can be stressful especially when you've only known the people you're going to be living with for just under 3 months. I think you need to think long and hard about the people you're going to be living with as we've just been let down by one of our housemates. I think living in a house for 2nd year is going to be really fun, there's always the doubt of; will there be arguments? will it stay clean? will we still see our friends from 1st year of halls? but overall I'm really excited to move in and to have a double bed back.