Sunday, 5 July 2015

Summer Nerves

Summer can be a daunting time for people who have just finished their A-levels. It's the time when many students are worrying about what grades they're going to receive and if they are going to get into University. I personally didn't have this worry as I studied a BTEC but had many friends who did. I spoke to Beth Sutherland a first year Media and Communications student at Birmingham City University who had these 'summer nerves'.

How long was your wait from your last exam to results day?

- My last exam was towards the end of May and results day was the start of August, so it was a long wait for something so important.

How did you feel about the wait? 

- I was on Holiday during results day so had to get my results sent to me via email. I found over summer when I had nothing to do, I was worrying about my results and wether I'd actually get into University. This meant I started to think of backup plans like going through clearing, apprenticeships etc.

What advice would you give to people waiting for their results now? 

- The worst thing to do is to worry and overthink, try to keep busy and enjoy your summer as you've gone through some very stressful exams, you deserve the break. 99% of the time you'll be worrying for nothing because even if you don't get the results you need, clearing is a very helpful option and I know several people who used it and have had the exact same uni experience I have.

Here are some helpful tips to survive A-level results day:

  • Stay Calm - You will feel nervous it's natural but it's best to stay calm as you've tried your best and thats all you could do!
  • CLEARING - There is always clearing and as Beth said it won't change your University experience. You could always end up at the University you wanted to attend you could just be studying a different course or in some cases the same one!
  • Adjustment - This is for the ones who have excelled in your exams and achieved higher grades than expected. You get the chance to apply again to a different University with higher grade boundaries.
I wish you all the best of luck with your results and hope you all enjoy your first year of University!