Sunday, 7 December 2014

Semester 1:

Today marks my last academic week of Semester 1. This week I have to hand in my last radio package, having already completed two of these already it's going to be a massive relief to get my third and last one submitted. I also have a copy editing test, as well as doing the Broadcast side of Journalism my course also focuses on the written side too. Which is good as i'll have a variety of Journalistic skills which will help for when i Graduate (which is 3 years off).

I will then be travelling back to Wigan on a Megabus (student way of travelling). The Megabus is a really good way to travel to Uni and back home. It's cheap with tickets costing less than £8. This of course will be after me and my Uni friends have our flat Christmas. We all did secret santa (not very secret as none of us could keep our mouths shut when drunk). But still it's going to be a really good way to end Semester one.

Few pics from Semester 1.

I think the social side of University has been a massive part of it so far for me,  especially as i'm only in two days a week. It will all change in Semester 2 as i'm in everyday and have to juggle my option module in with my core modules, which will keep me extra busy. I've met so many amazing people so far and done so many amazing things. I really am looking forward to spending my three years at Sunderland University.
I think i forgot to mention at the start of this Blog that i live on the River in an accommodation called Panns Bank. (it's the 2 brown buildings on this picture ^).  I thought i'd share these photos for any prospective Sunderland University students. The views are definitely a plus in my eyes.